Dreams are everyday occurrence with some people. While some people start dreaming as soon as they closed their eyes, others don’t dream at all. Dreams indicate connections between the conscious and the subconscious mind; between the physical reality and the unseen world. Dream interpretations are based on both physical reality and the subconscious world.
Below are some dreams and their interpretations

  1. Fruits: Plucking fruits are signs of offsprings on the way. It means a child is on the way. Losing your fruit in the dream is a sign that an infant is about to die.
  2. Human waste: This symbolizes wealth. It means money. However, the interpretation depend on what happened. Seeing, wading through or stepping on human waste is an indication that wealth is about to locate you while stooling in the dream means you’re about to lose money.
  3. Being Chased: If you’re being chased by gunmen or wild animals or unknown creatures, it means you’re facing or about to face a serious challenge in your endeavors.
  4. Eating in the Dream: It is either you were hungry and desired to eat before going to bed or you are in communion with the spiritual world. It could be dangerous.
  5. Seeing a Dead Beloved One: When you see your loved one who had died in the dream, it means his/her spiritual self is yet to settle in peace. He/She still hovers around and you need to understand that there’s no business between the living and the dead.
  6. Tattered clothes or Nakedness: This is an indication that a shameful or disgraceful experience is around the corner especially exposure of a secret.
  7. Sex: Having sex in the dream may mean your desire for sex in the physical world was not met. As a result, your subconscious mind retains it and it occurs in the dream. It could also mean a connection to an entity in the spiritual world. Demons exist that often lure people into sex in the dream. (See succubus and inccbus).
  8. Fighting: Seeing yourself fighting could mean you’re struggling with a lot of things in the physical world. Your desires and needs constitute a greater part of your worries. Being overwhelmed in such a fight is a sign that you are not completely controlling situations in your physical world.
  9. Losing a Loved One: When you see yourself bereaved and crying in a lucid dream, it could mean you’re going to lose a part of you that constitutes happiness in your life. It could be a breakup in a relationship, loss of job etc. It does not necessarily mean the person would die.

10: A Tree Falls: Seeing a large tree fall in your dream means an influential person related to you may die. Such a person is not just influential but also supportive.

  1. Killing Someone: This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a murderer or that you’ll soon be. It means you’re not happy with someone and it wouldn’t matter to you if the person died and as a result, your subconscious self-killed the person. This person you killed in the dream might not necessarily be the person in question.
  2. Fishing: This is a sign of life changing progress especially when a lot of fish is caught. People will celebrate you.
  3. 13. Vomiting: It’s a sign of healing and victory over bad habit or health related problems.
  4. Bathing: This is a sign of cleansing especially when it’s done by a river bank. Your aura will become brighter thereafter because stains would be eliminated restoring you to your original self.
  5. Swimming: Water symbolizes so many things just as water is used for many things in the physical reality. Water gives life and also takes life. Swimming across a river, is a sign of victory over natural forces in your path. However, swimming in a troubled water or a turbulent current is a sign of danger, a sign of serious challenge in your life. Swimming halfway of a river and turning back out of fear is a sign of backwardness and inability to move forward in your endeavor.
  6. Birth: Giving birth in the dream might mean you’re overwhelmed by the desire to have an offspring. It could symbolize a new beginning/a new idea or endeavor in your path. It could also mean a serious connection to the spiritual world.
  7. Marriage: Over 70% of those who wed in the dream are those overwhelmed by the desire to get married. Those who are sure that marriage is not top of their needs yet found themselves getting married in a lucid dream are strongly connected to the spiritual world.
  8. Places of the Past: Seeing yourself in places or events of your past life is an indication that you find it difficult to move forward. You are too contended to move and you’re too connected to your past which currently rules your present and might ruin your future.
  9. Money: Seeing or counting money in your dreams is a sign of failure in the physical reality. It means money has been eluding you in your life and as such your subconscious self makes the money in the dream.

There are many other dreams people have on daily basis. Dreams maybe about yourself or about someone you know. Whether it’s a good or a bad omen your dream represents, you need to take action to either bring it to pass or cancel it. Your actions may include, upping your game, changing a habit, praying, seeking help from someone etc.
Let us hear that dream you had recently, let’s see what it means. You can share it in the comment box or send it privately through contact page. I’ll get back to you immediately.

8 Replies to “DREAMS AND INTERPRETATIONS-Steve Obiakor”

  1. There’s actually a sign of disorganization of thoughts when you don’t remember your dreams. It means your thoughts are inconsistent, roaming from one situation to another. Secondly, when dreams are not lucid, it could me it’s not exactly for you, some of such dreams might repeat if they’re for you. This time, very clear.

  2. Hmmm. Very insightful, I had a dream where I could not cross a wooden bridge being crossed by others who are traveling the same path with me. Each time I stepped my foot on the bridge it shook and I would go back. That was how I struggled until I woke up. What could that mean pls?

  3. Well, Francis, the dream is self explanatory. It means you quit easily. You must therefore learn not go give up especially in simple things where others succeed. Learn to be consistent and stop being scared of ventures and risks.

  4. I had a dream that I lost someone close to me that I cried so much even when I woke up my eyes were swollen. The dream look so really

  5. What happens when you have sex in d dream with someone you know physically but don’t even greet not to talk of playing with.Isn’t that a pointer to the fact that one may be having spiritual marital affiliations?

    1. Nneka, it appears the attention is on the person here and not really on the action (sex) we need to know what relationship you have with this person. There’s a pointer to the fact that you need to reconcile with a certain aspect of yourself. There may be an aspect of you that is working against your dreams and aspirations. Who’s this person? A brother? A boss? A neighbour? A mentor? etc.

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