Businesses You Can Do From Your Home With Little or No Capital. -Steve Obiakor


Nigeria, no doubt is one of the most difficult places in the world to do business. With the World Bank ease of doing business latest ranking of 169, it is obvious that Nigerian businesses have very low chances of survival. Many people find it difficult to establish businesses due to the harsh bureaucratic process involved in registering and running a business in Nigeria. The same agency that would not certify your product would also allow importation of a lower standard of the same product from other countries. However, it is advisable to meet an acceptable standard in whatever one does as a business in order to be on the safer side.
Whilst we lament the bottle neck process in doing business, it is pertinent to state that the most disturbing part is the cost of doing business. Due to lack of infrastructure, small businesses, most times do not survive two years. 99% of all Nigerian businesses run on generator; studies have shown that five out of every ten businesses opened in a year close down while the remaining struggle to keep running until it eventually packs up someday. Many Nigerian investors and businessmen have stories to tell about how many businesses they have closed own. A restaurant owner who makes an average of ten thousand naira everyday cannot boast of having any at month end after paying rent and other utility bills. As these companies close down or relocate to other countries, many young Nigerians still live in denial waiting for that big time job to emerge.
You can actually start doing something for yourself and to avoid the huge sum spent in running your business, you can try other businesses from the comfort of your home. These are businesses you can do without paying any extra rent, no extra utility bills and at a very low logistics bills. This will surely put some cash in your pocket.

1. Herbal Supply:

The Nigerian market today is filled with all sorts of herbal drinks. These are produced with leaves and herbs. A younger brother of mine bought his first car from supplying herbs to an herbal remedy company. Most of these companies are very popular while some few are not but they all need herbs to produce their drinks. Most of the herbs are wild and therefore can be found in the forests all over Nigeria, you need not pay anybody to get them; you need not pay rent neither do you have to fuel your generator or pay for power that was never supplied. Try approaching an herbal drink production company and find out if you could supply them herbs.

2. Fresh Juice Making:

We can say almost everybody can extract juice from fruits. While that is true, it also true that not everybody has the time. There are many senior executives who would rather take your juice and pay for it rather than go through the process of doing it. Making fruit juice from your kitchen without compromising standard and basic hygiene practices and supplying same to different offices can actually create some cash. Nigeria is a large market for everything. Almost everything packaged sells well in Nigeria.

3. Bake and Package:

Have you noticed that groundnuts, cashew nuts, chin chin etc are gradually finding their ways into transparent containers and bottles. They are subsequently neatly displayed at supermarkets, drug stores, food marts etc. If you know how to do these but you’re not doing it yet, could you please stop lamenting about recession and start doing something. Even if you don’t know how to do it, I’m sure you can learn them in a few days. To do this, I’m sure your kitchen can serve.

4: Buying and Selling:

With the advent of e-commerce, you do not need a shop on the street before you can do buying and selling. All you need do is buy your stuff from the wholesalers store and sell online. There are many online shops where buying and selling take place. The beauty of online sales is that you can sell anything. You can sell your wares on,,,, and a host of others. With this, you have eliminated all the costs of running a shop and the incessant harassments of the local authorities. Many Nigerians are beginning to shop online because it’s obviously stress free.

5: Forex Trading:

Foreign exchange trading is another business you can do from the comfort of your bedroom. Though this requires training, it is noteworthy that the training is just a few hours. All you need is a laptop with a good internet connection. With smart phones everywhere, your need is half solved. There are many agencies around you who are into foreign exchange trading and training. You too can train others for a fee when you start trading. Find out today how you can start forex trading.

6: Soap Making:

Many people are already into liquid soap and other toiletries production. This does not require a large factory. A well ventilated corner in your compound can serve this purpose. All you need is a good knowledge of soap and disinfectant production. The training for this does not last for many days. You can learn this and also teach others. You can also read up safety tips online or learn that too as you learn soap making. You do not have to supply all the markets in your city, but your community has schools and hospitals, restaurants and even homes. Soap and disinfectants are needed everywhere every day. If you know how to do this but still procrastinate, you’re one of our recession problems.

7: Social Media Sales:

Whilst you’re busy reading the gossips on facebook, twiiter, instagram, whatsapp, periscope and other social networking media, others are busy making money from it. In fact, what you’re reading may actually be what has put money in another person’s pocket. The fact that you have read it means more money for the person. You can leverage on your social popularity for marketing or advertising other people’s products. Simple sharing and liking a picture is actually business for some people. If you do not know how to convert your huge Facebook account, large number of Twitter followers to some cash, ask google now!

8: Training:

A lot of us move about with a huge deposit of knowledge in our heads without making it available for others to learn. There’s always something you know that many do not know. You can provide all kinds of training by simply gathering a few individuals or visiting homes for private coaching. You can do training in Music, Language/Phonics, leadership, capacity building, critical thinking, growth and developmental skills. This is one of the ways of increasing the knowledge base of a society. I have on several occasions provided training for teachers and other stake holders in education including prefects and school heads and I bought my first car from this! All you need do is to start providing limited free services to start with. That is the best marketing you can do (free services); and believed it or not, when you are discovered to have something up there, the sky becomes the starting point.

9: Online Surveys:

You can make some extra cash by simply completing some forms online. Filling out information for an online magazine or companies that need such information is not a free venture. There are loads and loads of organizations out there seeking for relevant information. What you know may as well be beneficial to them. So, please tell them! Oh! Where to find them? Don’t forget to ask google.
10: Online Image Handler:
Most celebrities and politicians who cannot avoid being in the social media must pay handlers to take care of issues arising in the social media. Since the advent and the geometrical increase in the usage of social media, more and more opportunities abound therein. All you need do is your ability to use social media; no training is required and there are agencies looking for people like you. Locate them now!

11: Bed and Breakfast:

If you live near places like the National Stadium where conventions are held most times, you can offer people accommodation if you have a spare room. You can also do this near all tourist centers. Though this sounds herculean because you need to have a spare room and most times, many tourists and visitors are skeptical of such services due to security concerns. However, the opportunity is there, and it becomes very ripe when people become stranded. It happened during the national conventions of the major political parties where even after private homes where converted many still found no place to lay their heads. Watch out for such opportunities. You may just be an agent if you cannot provide the rooms yourself.
12: Food Vending:

Preparing and selling special delicacies can be done from the comfort of your kitchen. On several occasions, I have ordered noodles through a phone call. Such food vendors do not want you to come to their “restaurant” just call them and they’ll deliver. To do this, all you need is a special culinery skill which many people actually have. You need not rent a bogus shop, buy chairs, and employ a lot of people. So if you have little cash and you can cook, all you need is to produce a beautiful menu card and send to different offices. Be rest assured, you’ll start selling food to a lot of people. Do not forget that you can sell online too. And remember that Nigeria now imports egusi and ogbono soup from India which means there’s a market for cooking a pot of soup for those who don’t have the time and do not want to be paying a cook after buying their stuff. So I can order for a sizable amount of fried rice and a certain number of fried chicken laps if you have it to sell. Come on guys! This is business.

13: Blogging:

You are reading this because I have written it. If you can write articles, or any other form of writing at all, you might as well be a blogger. Writing to inform or entertain can actually get you some cool cash. Once you begin to get adverts on your blog, it means you’ll be paid for it. You can also write for online or hard copy magazines. Don’t forget that the information you have in google, Wikipedia etc. are all written by human beings. If you’re convinced you’re a good writer, start making money with your skill now. A blog account could be opened just within five minutes.

14: Laundry:

A lot of people patronize laundry services simply because they’re professionals. I have this belief that my laundryman knows better, what to do with my jackets and shirts than I do. Becoming a professional laundryman is as simple as asking google. You can pick up cloths from offices and deliver them without necessarily having to rent a shop. Just drop your house address.
In conclusion, Nigeria has the largest market in Africa; you don’t need to ask who needs what you have, a lot of people do. It is also noteworthy that one can actually combine two or three of the businesses mentioned above. You can also do some of them as side jobs for extra cash! All you need is to create a standard that cannot only sell but also can endear you to quality control agencies rather than pitch you against them.
While you wait for that large opportunity to suddenly emerge from nowhere! While you wait for that job that has not been created, while you wait for brothers and sisters, uncles and aunties; while you contemplate joining that criminal gang or taking to drug trafficking; while you attend all prayer houses and vigils for a miracle job, could you please start doing something?
Whether you are a student; a youth corper, a house wife, a job applicant or even an employed person, you can always leverage an opportunity to make extra cash.
See you at the top!

16 Replies to “Businesses You Can Do From Your Home With Little or No Capital. -Steve Obiakor”

  1. Helpful tips indeed Mr Steve 👍….. But with this recession in our country and increasing dollar rate, great capital is needed, how do we get it considering our unemployed state

    1. Hello Vivian, All you need to know are there online. Just search for them using google or other search engines. Different types of fabrics and how to care for them. Give it a try. Start small, start safe!

  2. I quite agree with a lot of the ideas mentioned, but the easiest of them all should be selling online, where you don’t even need to own the items you want to sell. All you actually need is your phone, a little data and pictures of items you have taken from stores that have the goods in large quantity. Thank you mr Steve

  3. Juice making with fresh fruits seems quite easy but after a while one will need to get a Nafdac appproval or certification.How can one get it

  4. Hello.
    Nice article u got there.
    I already make soaps & air freshener for my personal use so now how do push it to d market being that there are a lot of similar locally made products

    1. Hello Colleen, you can start by packaging your products and supplying to neighbours, family and friends, nearby schools, hospitals and restaurants from there you’ll go into nearby markets. My thoughts! I do it too.

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