Making Your Valentine Celebration Cheaper or Cost Free, yet Memorable-Steve Obiakor


Whenever a celebration such as Valentine, Christmas, New Year etc draws nearer, there is this conspicuous avalanche of jokes and talks about how men pick up quarrels and fights with their spouses so they don’t have to spend. These may be seen as jokes but in reality, the situation of things in the country now has not only affected couples (married and about to marry) but has also lead to a lot of breakups. Many relationships today are boiling because a lot of people find it difficult to adjust their appetite on ostentatious desires. We also have many extended family members picking up fights here and there because cash flow has drastically reduced. Our purchasing power has been cut by more than half; so that the money in our hands appears so little compared to the huge responsibilities and demands we are surrounded with. In times like this, it is important to note that understanding becomes our best friend. We can still have our memorable celebrations at a very low cost. This is how it works.

  1. Think of What is Needed:

  It is important to note that the amount spent on a date does not really matter but how thoughtful whoever spend has been. Some people, especially ladies even frown at spending too much on frivolities without actually touching their core need. To this, some of them believe you’re just trying to show off; they’ll still go home sad even with all your expenses. Therefore, think about what is needed in the life of your spouse; it could just be attention; it could be presence, it could be just ordinary flattering which a nice poem can do. You can do all of this with a bottle of coke while spending the whole day together. If truly there’s true love between you, it might jolly well be more appreciated than borrowing money to have an expensive date and getting angry later while struggling to pay.

  1. Do Something Unusual:

Doing ordinary things in an extra ordinary manner goes a long way in creating happiness. There are many things you can decide to do the other way round. Ladies, think of a way to do something different on your Valentine’s Day. Think of what you’ve never done before or something you’ve not done in a long while. Men think of a way of doing something out of ordinary. You may decide to say “Sweetheart, just relax I’ll do all the cooking and all the chores.” Allow your spouse to sit and watch television while you prepare the dinner. This might be sweeter than an expensive gift or an expensive outing.

  1. Play Two in One:

You can decide to do a lot of things together if you have not been doing so in a long while. Sing your favorite songs, and dance to its melody. This is very nice especially when the lyrics are romantic. Walking out together could be really sweet if it’s not common to you. Other acts you can do together are: going to the gym together, riding bicycle together, going to the market together, cooking the dinner together etc. you don’t need ATM to do all that and you might emerge happier than those who went on expensive dates.

  1. Play Adam and Eve

Turn your house to the Garden of Eden and play Adam and Eve.  Send the kids (if you have) away to a family member’s house. Don’t wear any cloth at all, stay indoors all day; keep your television on and watch movies; play indoor games, like cards, ludo, chess, scrabble, eat and drink whatever you have to spice up the day, shower together etc. You would have celebrated your Val at no cost.  Thank me the next day. Meanwhile, remember nine months.

  1. Visit a Memorable Place:

Is there any place that has tied both of you to the past? May be where you proposed; where you met, where you usually visit in the days of old. It might just be worth seeing again. After many years have come and gone, a lot would have happened in such places. If I were you, I’d love to see them again. Such nostalgic events create everlasting memories that are worth rejuvenating. Visit your old hood or such places of memory. It’s not by money! You’ll be happy at the end of the day.

  1. Host a Couple Love Feast

Now this is not going to come free but it would definitely be far cheaper than going out to spend the scarce Naira in this recession.  You can decide to gather three or four friends and host a love feast. Each of your friends comes along with a particular dish they’ve prepared at home. What you take to such parties would be far cheaper than what you alone would consume if you went out. It is always cheaper when you make your meals yourself. The coming together of different couples to celebrate is a way of making your day memorable.

Whichever way you want to celebrate your Val, the important thing here is that cash shouldn’t be an excuse. Happiness doesn’t cost much. Wherever money is the determining factor for happiness, true love does not exist. We must understand that commitment does not only lie in material things but also in our actions which emanate from our genuine desire to make others happy.

Live to love and love to live.

12 Replies to “Making Your Valentine Celebration Cheaper or Cost Free, yet Memorable-Steve Obiakor”

  1. Nice one! Is a good thing we have clear understanding of celebrating Val with our love ones. It doesn’t call for borrowing if you don’t have enough, for it comes every year.

  2. We work so hard, leave home early, barely have time to catch our breath, then come back home so late. Spending sweet quality private time with my sweetheart would do for me.

  3. Nice one Boss!
    That nine months though!
    I so much love this line “Wherever money is the determining factor for happiness, true love does not exist”

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