What Does A Woman Want?-Nneka Orieke.


Having written on what men want, (addressing the man’s need first, because when a man’s need is met, the woman is rest assured of having all she needs), it is time to open the container of the woman’s need.

Right from time immemorial, even though it’s more common in this generation, there has always been this misconception about the nature of women, their needs and desires, so much that we always conclude that they are the most difficult beings to please or deal with, hmm!

Women are usually attacked on all sides because of the lack of understanding of what makes a woman, which may include her psychology, emotions, mindsets (thought-patterns) moods etc.

Little wonder the Bible teaches husbands to live with their wives in an understanding way, showing honour to the woman (1Peter 3:7).

When a man takes out time to understand a woman’s nature generally and then that of the woman he is with specifically he will find out that they may just be the most pleasant people on earth.

All it takes is a deep sense of maturity and a good knowledge of who she is.

There are a couple of features a woman looks out for in a man.

One of them and most importantly is love.  In as much as women sometimes tend to deny this fact for fear of being taken for granted, the truth still remains; women, regardless of their age, status, experiences and achievements still want to love and be loved in return.

This may not entirely and solely mean the love from a male partner, it also includes love from a father, brother, son or any other male figure they have reverence for.  This is why you sometimes can’t explain the bond between a little girl and her father, sister for a brother and sometimes a mother for her son.

However, in a man-woman relationship, even though there are couple of other factors that need to be taken into consideration in making a woman happy because love in itself is not absolute, not enough and cannot function alone.  It does not rule out the fact that love forms the foundation of this kind of relationship.

Second is maturity.  Every woman gets to a certain stage in her life when she no longer needs a boy who sometimes claims to be a man but a man in a every sense of the word.  She needs a man who is not just mature in age but in mind.  It takes a man who is mature psychologically, emotionally and in his thought patterns to no just care for a woman but to also keep her in check.

This kind of man will definitely win any responsible woman’s heart.

Responsibility on the man’s part is also an important factor.  A woman wants to know that a man can take care of himself first and then her.

Women want men who are independent and capable of making decisions concerning them and the relationship without the influence or dictates of his friends, parents or siblings.

A man’s sense of responsibility also includes his ability to fend for himself and his family (Nuclear).  He needs to be hardworking and have a means of livelihood.  Back in the days, it used to be a man’s pride that he can meet the needs of his family, however, the reverse is the case right now, where we have men who want to live off women as they feel they are doing the woman a huge favour by being in their lives.

Women also want to be assured of security financially, emotionally and even spiritually.  It gives her a sense of protection.  When a woman knows her man has a strong connection to his creator desires to serve his creator faithfully, she feels more secure, energized and motivated.

And then communication; women love to talk and sometimes at their own peril.  They do this to release emotions and release their feelings and sometimes may sound confrontational.  A man’s knowledge of this fact will help to reduce unnecessary frictions in the relationship.

Women tend to place priority on men who they can talk to, express their hopes, concern, fears and desires to and who are at least willing to listen and maintain eye contacts when they talk.  When she talks, she wants to water down her ideas and then fix the situation.  However, men by nature, want to analyse while she’s talking and fix the situation on the spot.

Every good woman also feels loved when you share your dreams, aspirations, yearnings, fears, financial and emotional concerns with her, or even a possible job/carrier changes or ideas for the future.

A confident man always attract anyone to himself.  No woman wants a weakling or dummy for a man.  She doesn’t just want him to appear confident, but really be confident in himself and everything he stands for.

A good sense of humour, humility and good looks are also important.  A good sense of humour does so much that it brings out the girl in every woman, no matter how inaccessible she may be.  Men sometimes waste time on things most women don’t  care about like the “6 packs thing”, and sometimes expensive treats and all that, while neglecting the little things that matter.

Don’t forget a merry heart doeth good like medicine, but a broken spirit drieth the bone.

Good looks doesn’t really mean an extravagant or flashy outlook.  It simply means paying attention to details and wearing clothes that fits, knowing what to wear and what occasion to wear it to.

Everything about your appearance matters.  From head to toe, your haircut, shoe colour combination, cologne/perfumes, breath, even down to your socks.

It’s sometimes annoying when you see a 35 year old man all dressed in ridiculous colours and outfit like a teenager who is still finding his feet and probably doesn’t know what turn his life is taking.

A woman loves to receive complimentary remarks and also loves affection.  There are a million and one ways to express it.  They include but not limited to:

  • Speaking highly of her in front of others;
  • Not criticizing her publicly;
  • Keeping commitments (remembering special dates);
  • Spending quality time with her;
  • Displaying true affection when she is sad or depressed;
  • Loving her craft and what she does;
  • Acts of service to her occasionally;
  • Complimenting her dress sense, hairdo, make up etc;
  • Being proud of her and encouraging her to be the best;
  • Praying for and with her etc.

One may likely ask, are all of these possible?  The fact remains that everything we venture into in life requires a great deal of prayer and commitment.  This in itself is not absolute or definite but the desire for a happy and blissful relationship all stems from a desire and yearning to make it right.  Therefore I implore you all to follow these steps and any other helpful tips you may come across and watch things fall into place adequately

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  1. Nice piece. Women are not as complicated as some men paint them to be if only “men know the right button to press”

  2. Thank you all for your comments and contributions.We can have beautiful relationships if we work towards it.God bless us all

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