What You Need to Know About Diabetes   – Steve Obiakor  

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus has become a common term even amongst the rural dwellers in Nigeria.  Each time I travel to my village, I hear my country men and women talk about “sugar disease”.  The common understanding of what diabetes is among many Nigerians is high level of sugar in the body (blood stream).  This basic understanding has guided many who though are not so much exposed, to avoid some food intakes especially soft drinks, beer and other staples with high level of carbohydrate.  This behaviour shows two things.  One, it showsthe extent of awareness people have of diabetes unlike the days when such sickness and the likes were ascribed to poison or worst still attacks from the gods.   Two, it shows how prevalent diabetes has become.  According to a report in World Journal Diabetes, about 10% of the Nigerian population has different types of diabetes.  There are four types of diabetes: Continue reading