The news of Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans is still fresh in the minds of many Nigerians especially Lagos.  He breathed terror to the wealthy guys in Festac and Satellite axis of Lagos.  According to the information making the rounds, it was alleged that he confessed to the police that he made about N700million in ransom as he held sway as the most dreaded Kidnap kingpin  for Ransome Kingpin in Lagos and Edo states.  Below is the list of those who allegedly coughed out hundreds of millions to secure freedom from the dungeon of his kidnapping gang:

  1. Mbarikatta Williams N20M
  2. Paul Cole N20M
  3. Jamal Mohammed N17M
  4. Kingsley Nwokenta N15M and Toyota Venza
  5. Anthony Ozoanidobi N15M
  6. Leo Abraham N15M
  7. Cosmas Ojukwu $1M
  8. James Uduji &1.2M
  9. Raymond Okoye $1M
  10. Ucheson Okoroafor $1M
  11. Elias Ukachukwu $1M
  12. Francis Ume $1M
  13. Donatus Duru N150M
  14. Ohuyon Ernest N85M
  15. Dan Odiete N61M
  16. Uyi Technical N100M
  17. Tom “Line” 100M
  18. “Kings Paint” 40M
  19. Vincent Obianodo escaped his kndnap attempt but lost his police escort in the ordeal.

Kidnapping for ransome and other crimes committed to get rich began to gain ground when Nigeria lost her value system. It gained ground when we began to observe that the only thing that mattered was money. The only people that are recognized are those with fat bank accounts.  There are so many individuals who enriched themselves through fraudulent means and today, they wear chieftaincy caps and represents the communities as traditional elders.   Some of them contest for leadership positions in government.  Many others sponsor politicians for various offices in government.   And when such a politician wins a leadership position, the government treasury becomes the next port of call for amasing more wealth.

If Evans was not arrested by the police, he might be building Churches or donating heavily for such projects where he would eventually earn more titles and more accolades. If he was not arrested, he might be contesting for a parliamentary seat in his state or at the federal level. Sometimes you do not blame people who flock around these billionaires who blazingly flaunt their wealth. There is nothing poverty cannot lead the folks into.  Ironically, this same billionaires found their way in government offices and impoverish the people the more.

Let us stop celebrating wealth whose source we do not know. There are quite a few business men and women out there who make their wealth legitimately. We know them, but when you see someone who suddenly becomes rich and start throwing money around, beware and ask questions.

As 2019 election draw closer, check the backgrounds of all the contestants you wish to vote for. Check their antecedents. Ask questions about them.

Until we begin to place less emphasis on wealth, our value system remains eroded.