electricity-e1485783337106The relationship between Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) and her customers took another turn on May 24, 2018.  It was alleged that an Ex-General, a customer pulled a gun and fired a shot into the air threatening to shoot the EKEDC officials if they failed to reconnect electricity supply to his residence.  The Ex-General who was also said to be the Ex-Chairman of the Military Pensions Board (Major General Bitrus Kwaji) lives at number 19A Lugard Street Ikoyi Lagos.

According to the Company’s General Manager on Corporate Communications, Mr Godwin Idemudia, the officials of the company requested for a proof of payment from the security guards of the residence but they could not produce any.  The General was subsequently served with a disconnection notice and was disconnected. After they disconnected his power supply, they drove off only for the General to double-cross them and forced them at gun point to reconnect his residence.

The company’s spokesman issued a statement condemning the act and declaring that the General would be prosecuted.

Our company is duly licensed to perform the duty of supplying electricity and collecting revenue for services rendered and no one, no matter how highly placed, has the right to prevent us from performing our lawful duties.

Our legal department is already working on this.  Unknown to the general.  We have everything on video and we will pursue this to its logical conclusion” the EKEDC spokesman said.

So far, no press medium has any information on the General’s side of the story.  We hope to hear from the General soon so that the story would be put on a balance.

While the alleged actions of the General are totally condemnable and uncalled for, the EKEDC should also understand that lizards can only occupy a cracked wall.  They should understand that they would have no need of going about disconnecting and reconnecting customers if every consumer is metered.  This is the danger the defunct NEPA and PHCN officials were exposing themselves to while it was a government owned corporation.  Now that it is a private business, shouldn’t we have a better service?  Shouldn’t customers pay bills according to what they consume?  We don’t see Telecommunication Companies carry ladders and cranes trying to disconnect customers who fail to provide ‘proof of payment’.  This is 2018 and we are still meddling with analog and estimated billing systems. Prepaid metering system is the answer to this problem and until you solve it that way, you may have many more customers waiting to revolt.

A bill seeking to criminalize estimated billing system is currently at the National assembly.  I wonder what would happen if that bill is passed when you are yet to meter all your customers.