Each time you talk about the health risks in any everyday activity, most people around would ask “how many persons has it killed?” And you’d begin to wonder if anyone has ever come back from the dead to tell us what killed him/her. I have this personal belief that whatever is made of chemicals has one way or the other it affects the human body if swallowed. We have this wide spread belief that whatever is made for human use is safe. The truth is that not everything we use everyday is safe. This message is not meant to scare us but to remind us that whatever we use must be used in moderation.
Our attention is on Lipsticks. There are different qualities of lipsticks in the market and you and I are very much aware that we are not known for quality control in this part of the world. Most of the products are imported and you’re aware how porous some imported products especially from Asia could be. In US where we all believe quality reigns supreme, a lot of studies have shown that many lipsticks in the market contain chemicals like titanium, aluminium, lead, zinc etc and can be very harmful if swallowed. According to CBS News, the study was quoted thus:

“For the study, researchers at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Public Health enlisted a group of 12 girls between the ages of 14 and 19 who were part of an Asian youth group and lived in low-income neighborhoods of Oakland, Calif. They were asked to record the brands and product names of all lipsticks and lip glosses they regularly carry and use at home
The researchers then took this list to stores and purchased the products, 32 in all (8 lipsticks, 24 lip glosses). Back at the lab, researchers conducted spectrometry tests to determine the contents of the lipsticks.
They found detectable levels of lead, cadmium, chromium, aluminum and five other metals in the products.Lead, a neurotoxin, was found in 24 products — 75 percent of all tested — and all examined products contained the metals manganese, titanium and aluminum”.
Let us remember that this swallowing is not a one-off thing. Reports show that an average woman with painted lips swallows her lipsticks paint 20 times a day. So, it’s a situation of continuous swallow of these chemicals. Now if this report emanates from the US where everybody believes standards are mostly adhered to, what happens to a society like ours where very little research is done on Environmental and Consumer Health and regulations for consumer goods are out of control? I hear many women complain of skin reactions after using some cosmetics products. A lot of young ladies go for the cheapest brand of these lipsticks whose quality cannot be trusted. This is not to say that expensive brands are safe.
The dangers of lipsticks poison is not faced by those who apply it only; those who in the process of kissing lick off the paints on their partners’ lips and swallow everything are also exposed. Men most times seem to belive that these paints are edible and therefore harmless. Bros, please, spit it out, it is dangerous.
It is important to be aware that we have many cases of cancer to which we all resign to fate. We’ve seen the high and mighty brought down by cancer. It is a respecter of no one.
In sharing part of the dangers of the lipsticks content, the report also said
“Cadmium, another metal found, is a carcinogen linked to lung cancer and damage to the respiratory system when inhaled. It’s also found in low levels in drinking water, and the researchers suspect exposure through drinking water and heavy use of 10 of the products they tested may lead to too much exposure”