yourstory-educationIt is no longer news that many Nigerian graduates are not fit for employment. This is one of the greatest contributors to the level of unemployment in the country.
In a bid to address this crisis, students in Nigeria may have to spend an extra year at university to obtain the necessary skills required for the labour market. According to The Punch,

“The proposal, made by Minister of State for Education, Professor Anthony Anwuka on 8 May at a recent retreat for the Governing Council of Federal Universities, marks the first time in recent years that a high-ranking federal government official has openly admitted that Nigeria’s university system is in crisis” The punch quoted the minister as saying,

“Many university graduates are not good enough to be employed by the industries”, Anwuka said. The Students’ Industrial Work Experience Scheme had also failed universities, he said, while the Nigerian university system had failed in producing quality graduates who should be employed in industry.

“This is a big challenge and it remains a major problem in the Nigerian university system. At what point do we find the synergy in addressing this problem of graduate unemployment?” he asked.

The minister said details of the proposed extra year for other courses would soon be finalised and sent to the National Assembly with a view to it becoming law.
But I want to state that the problem is not about the number of years spent in the university. It is about the quality of what is delivered and the quality of the students admitted into the universities in the first place as well as other factors. What you cannot learn in four years you cannot possibly learn in one extra year. A holistic approach should be adopted if the challenges of graduates’ unemployability must be addressed.
Source: The Punch