IMG_20180609_105113.JPGIf you look around your environment and amongst your acquaintances, you might have one or two ladies who have kids for different men or at least a child without being married to the father of the baby. The trend is gaining serious acceptance in Nigeria and other parts of Africa where it was hitherto frowned at. These days, lovers now agree to have a child or two without being married to each other. This is not to say that there are no accidental discharges. To some ladies, When the pregnancy comes unplanned, they consider many other factors and take a decision to keep it. These days, you hear very few people using the terms ‘unwanted pregnancy’, ‘single mother’ or ‘second wife’ You hear ‘Baby Mama.’ What are the factors responsible for the rising trend of Baby Mamahood in Africa today?


1. Western Influence: As the world grows smaller, every nook and cranny of it is being influenced by the Western World. It’s about only in Africa or maybe other Third World Countries that marriage is seen as a noble achievement. A woman who is not married is considered unsuccessful irrespective of her other achievements. This belief makes marriage the greatest achievement of every young woman. This belief is now gradually being obliterated by the influence of Western Civilization. You now see some African women who deliberately don’t want to get married. They want to keep and enjoy their freedom and as such prefer to have their kids with any man of their choice.

2. Celebrity Influence: Many young ladies would want to keep serious ties with celebrities and they feel the best thing to do is get pregnant for such a celeb. I think I started hearing the baby mama thing from these celebrities and their many ladies. It is gradually extending to the streets. Many young women also want to keep ties with the rich and the mighty in the society and as such get pregnant for such men. When a poor street girl gets pregnant for another poor street boy, it is unwanted pregnancy but when a poor street girl gets pregnant from a celebrity, a rich politician or a rich business man, she is a baby mama.

3. Late Marriage: The fear of late marriage or not getting married at all before reaching menopause force many ladies to opt for babymamahood. This is seen as the available alternative especially to ladies who are successful in their careers but have no serious minded man to start a family with. To them, it is better to have a child of your own and make him/her share in your success, inherit your estate and remember you when you’re gone. They do not believe that one can be remembered even if one had no heirs.

4. Fear of Marriage: Many young men these  are not ready to take up the responsibilities that come with getting married and starting a family. Many of them give series of excuses and eventually end up having kids without any serious bond, loyalty or tie to any lady. Many young ladies are also not ready to settle down with the class of men who come their way. Instead of getting married and becoming miserable later, they opt for baby mamhood especially to the class of men they consider acceptable.

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Steve Obiakor