While we appreciate the fact that crime has drastically reduced on Lagos roads, there is a need to also remain vigilant and stay safe while driving on Lagos roads. Those who drive to work during the rush hours-5:30 to 6:30 am and drive home between 6-8pm are most concerned. Those who ply the roads between9-11pm might have a relatively free road except in the case of an occasional impediment. Whatever time it is, as long as you’ve found yourself in traffic while it’s still dark, you need to know this.

  1. Do not Place any Object on any of your Seats. Objects like hand bags, mobile phones, laptops etc are a big attraction to the boys. Yo must have heard cases of car windows being smashed in traffic. They don’t just smash any window, they must have seen something. I was in traffic on Akpongbon Bridge, coming from the Island, two weeks ago when the window of a Toyota Sienna was smashed and a hand bag hurriedly removed by the boys. The driver of the car, a lady placed her hand bag on the front passenger seat. Place these objects under the seat or on the floor of the car.
  2. Avoid Making Calls. If you must make a call in traffic, try using a hand free device. Do not show off that phone, someone outside may like it more than you do. Same goes to passengers. If someone is seated in front of your car, please discourage them from making calls. When it happens, it’s their phone but it’s your car. That same day, the same boys smashed the window of another car, a Honda Accord and snatched a phone from the lady in front seat. She was making a call.
  3. Suspect Every Move and be Vigilant: There’s this fear that grip pilferers and pick pockets when they notice you’re watching them. They’re afraid of being caught too. So, suspect everybody even hawkers. Sometimes, it’s advisable not to buy anything in traffic when it’s dark except you see the Police around. I also don’t feel comfortable when I see a bike carrying two people coming towards me. I try to ensure that either they don’t come close or I gradually move off that lane.
  4. Drive Carefully. When you struggle with another road user and eventually have a breach, you’ll be forced to stop and come out of your car irrespective of the place. This will expose you to any group of bad boys lurking in the corner.
  5. Call the Police: 767 and 112 are Lagos Emergency Numbers. When you notice something unholy, do not say it’s not your business; call the authorities. Use your discretion while making the call. Most times when you see police men patrolling in traffic, it wards off the bad boys. Call their attention when you suspect something.

Security is everybody’s business! Be security conscious.