A Fallen Political Juggernaut Confesses to a Priest- Steve Obiakor

A political juggernaut who wants to remain in power has lost all his powers and his friends and has been sent away. He fears his political career is coming to an end and he goes to the priest to confess his sins.
Bless me father and forgive me for I have sinned and have fallen short of your grace. This is my first confession since I lost the support of my people. The following are my sins. 

I ignored all those political big wigs in the state who always think that the state is there father’s estate. Especially that one they’re calling different names like Jagaban, Lion etc. I did not play politics with them and stopped them from benefiting from my administration. Father forgive me!
Priest: This is not a sin, is that all?
Juggernaut: No father, I did not like the policies of my predecessor. So, I changed many of them; the guy thinks he knows too much and they even gave him the job of three persons in Aso-Rock? Na only him waka come?
I sacked all those people that are sweeping roads and all those ones packing refuse upandan because I wanted to put my own people who have very good vision but unfortunately, they escaped with all the vision and now there’s dirt and refuse everywhere. People started shouting but I’m still looking for the vision. Now, dirt and refuse have blocked all the drainages and water is everywhere on the major roads, streets and the markets.
Priest: That’s a mortal sin; continue anyway.
Juggernaut: I also sacked all those people using monster equipment to dredge canals. Those equipment were frightening and they were making little children to cry every day. That one caused all the canals to be filled up and there was more flooding. Some roads were done half way and they do not have drainages and the entire community would be flooded anytime it rains. Father, have mercy!
Priest: That’s very bad of you. Why would you do that?
Juggernaut: I’m sorry father, it won’t happen again.

Priest: Of course it won’t happen again! Are those all your sins?
Juggernaut: No father; I also told those traffic officers to stop arresting, intimidating and collecting bribe from road users.
Priest: That’s not a sin. It was a good move!
Juggernaut: Yes father but those traffic officers refused to work and I failed to compel them to work. Because I refused to compel them to work, tankers and trailers are now occupying everywhere. Some tankers are now exploding and killing a lot of people; containers are also falling and killing people. Trailers and tankers are entering streets and damaging all the roads and I did not stop them. Everybody now wakes up by 3am to go to work because all the city roads are blocked. People now drive anyhow and the traffic officers are just watching them. I think it’s the devil because some people say the traffic situation is satanic.
Priest: My son, do not blame the devil; blame yourself that your sins might be forgiven. Are you done?
Juggernaut: No father, I sacked the Reverend in charge of the government house chapel because I didn’t like him and because he was appointed by my predecessor. A lot of people were talking on radio and everywhere saying that I bound him to the Philistines but I did not listen.
Also, there was a day the Archbishop led the faithfuls of the archdiocese in a peaceful protest to my office. The protest was over the killings of priests and other people in another state. They were there to register their displeasure over the poor handling of the herdsmen issue by the federal government. But I was too busy, I did not even come to see, welcome and listen to the Archbishop. It was when they left that people started telling me that it was bad of me.
Priest: You mean you snubbed the Archbishop and all those people? You fired a man of God simply because he wasn’t appointed by you? What if God left him there for a purpose? Anyway, are you done?
Juggernaut: Yes father, there many other sins I cannot remember. I ask for forgiveness for all of them.
Priest: Your sins are way too many but our God is a good God, full of compassion and abiding in mercy. This therefore, is your penance.
You must pack your loads, go and live in the boarder town for the next six months and from there you shall be going to work every day by road till you hand over to the new government.

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