One of the oppressors in the city of Lagos is the Company called Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC).  Personally, I am yet to understand why someone who lives in a 2 bedroom flat should pay more than N30,000 in a month as an electricity bill, whereas their counterparts using prepaid meters spend less than ten thousand naira a month.  Those who live in two bedroom apartment are basically low income earners; their salaries are mostly around One hundred thousand or below and they have to spend thirty thousand on electricity bill only? Continue reading



Nigeria is a very unique country for so many reasons. It is the most populous black nation in the world with an estimated population of about 180 million people. Nigeria is in 7th position on the list of the world largest populations after China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan. Aside her population, another unique feature of Nigeria is that it has about 250 ethnic groups and about 520 languages.
The Parliament is what we call the Legislature or the National Assembly in Nigeria comprising both the Senate and the Federal House of Representatives. As Nigeria operates under the framework of federal presidential system, with 36 states forming the federating units and the head of government being the president, each of the 36 states is represented by three senators. Please, I want you to underline the word ‘represented’. Continue reading

What You Need to Know About Diabetes   – Steve Obiakor  

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus has become a common term even amongst the rural dwellers in Nigeria.  Each time I travel to my village, I hear my country men and women talk about “sugar disease”.  The common understanding of what diabetes is among many Nigerians is high level of sugar in the body (blood stream).  This basic understanding has guided many who though are not so much exposed, to avoid some food intakes especially soft drinks, beer and other staples with high level of carbohydrate.  This behaviour shows two things.  One, it showsthe extent of awareness people have of diabetes unlike the days when such sickness and the likes were ascribed to poison or worst still attacks from the gods.   Two, it shows how prevalent diabetes has become.  According to a report in World Journal Diabetes, about 10% of the Nigerian population has different types of diabetes.  There are four types of diabetes: Continue reading

Living the Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People- Steve Obiakor

7 habit

 Each time I read a Stephen Covey’s publication, I see the world around me from a new perspective; I find a way to live above the ever-increasing noise in the contemporary world. I can bet you won’t forgive yourself if you fail to read this particular book – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Sequel to this publication was The 8th Habit in which he challenged every reader to teach whatever ever he/she has learnt as a means of having a deeper understanding of the contents. So, here I am to teach the seven habits Continue reading

Why Does Love Fail?-Steve Obiakor




Love has since disappeared in so many marriages leaving the couples hanging on other elements/factors in their marriages.  As they hang on, they go through untold physical and emotional trauma occasioned by abuse and which some times culminate into death.  Millions of those who do not care about these other factors such as family, children, culture and creed have since thrown in the towel. Some are divorced while others are separated. Some are separated for a while, others are separated permanently. Continue reading

Why Bad Government Wins for A Second Term -Steve Obiakor


IMG-20180129-WA0007As the race to grab political powers in 2019 general elections gathers momentum, it is imperative on all of us to understand that we are all responsible for who becomes our next leader.  We are all involved either by commission or omission.  We must understand first and foremost that those justling for political offices are doing so for their selfish interests.  When they finally grab these powers, they do not punish us because it’s their hobby but because they are only interested in achieving their selfish motives.  I point this out so you do not become naïve enough to believe their campaign promises and get disappointed afterwards but for you to develop a participatory mechanism and mindset to hold them accountable for such promises.  The new order should be to give every politician a run for his/her promises irrespective of his/her ethnic or party affiliations. Continue reading

Climbing the Ladder of Greatness


The year has finally begun; it’s gonna be a very tough year. It’s not the usual hardship occasioned by the bustling and hustling of the city but an unprecedented form of hardship that’ll affect every single aspect of our lives-career, family and eveñ personal relationships. Everything is gonna be more difficult, prices of fuel and other commodities will go up. It’ll be more difficult to secure jobs and contracts. Anger and depression will rise resulting to more rancour in families and more tension in different offices. The struggle to make it will rise resulting to increase in population in the city, increase in crime and infrastructural deficit. Continue reading

When is no Better than yes? – Steve Obiakor.


Josh Billings once said:

Half of the troubles of this life can be traced to saying yes too quickly and not saying no soon enough.

In the few years I’ve spent in this world I’ve got a lot of people say yes to me and their yes eventually turned out to be no. I’ve also said yes to many people but eventually could not fulfill my promise.  Why do people say yes when they should actually say no?  The common reason is that we all erroneously believe that saying yes is a sign of respect for someone who is older or who is in charge. We also believe that saying no could harm someone’s feelings and because we do not want to offend someone (a friend or a family member), we say yes.  Whatever reason it is, what we do not remember is that when we eventually fail to fulfill our promise, we cause more pain to the supposed beneficiary of our yes. When we say yes, we make people prepare their minds and adjust their plans to accommodate our promise. When we fail, we destroy both our own reputation and the plans of the person we said yes to.

 Looking at it from our own point of view, we say yes because we don’t want to be seen as a bad person. Trying to be a nice person at all times and to all people has exposed many of us to the dangers of becoming a pawn. That reminds me! Majority of the good we do are done to keep our names and image protected. Suffice it to say that they are for selfish reasons. Take for instance, when something goes wrong in a relationship you hear people say, “After everything I’ve done for him/her…” When we train our children in school and all of that, we do so because we want to be proud of them and we want them to be proud of us.  We say yes to the boss to our own detriment because we want to remain in the good book and at the end of the day, we end up in a bad book as a result of failure to meet up eventually. No could be the best answer in some situations and such situations may include but not limited to: Continue reading