A Fallen Political Juggernaut Confesses to a Priest- Steve Obiakor

A political juggernaut who wants to remain in power has lost all his powers and his friends and has been sent away. He fears his political career is coming to an end and he goes to the priest to confess his sins.
Bless me father and forgive me for I have sinned and have fallen short of your grace. This is my first confession since I lost the support of my people. The following are my sins.  Continue reading “A Fallen Political Juggernaut Confesses to a Priest- Steve Obiakor”

Why Bad Government Wins for A Second Term -Steve Obiakor


IMG-20180129-WA0007As the race to grab political powers in 2019 general elections gathers momentum, it is imperative on all of us to understand that we are all responsible for who becomes our next leader.  We are all involved either by commission or omission.  We must understand first and foremost that those justling for political offices are doing so for their selfish interests.  When they finally grab these powers, they do not punish us because it’s their hobby but because they are only interested in achieving their selfish motives.  I point this out so you do not become naïve enough to believe their campaign promises and get disappointed afterwards but for you to develop a participatory mechanism and mindset to hold them accountable for such promises.  The new order should be to give every politician a run for his/her promises irrespective of his/her ethnic or party affiliations. Continue reading “Why Bad Government Wins for A Second Term -Steve Obiakor”